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Womens Silk vs. Satin Robes

Wedding Robes to get ready in

Silky Satin Bridesmaid Robes
Satin and silk bridesmaid robes are the rage in today's trendy world of wedding fashions. At Wedding Prep Gals, our robes are made of 100% charmeuse satin with the feel of a silk bride robe, but charmeuse is washable. Busy brides look forward to relaxing in an enchanting silk bride robe. After all, women don't typically wear a satin or silk bride robe on any ordinary day. If you’re looking for satin or silk bridesmaid robes, we help you create a magical day and evening when the bride and bridesmaids wear our stylish monogrammed charmeuse robes. With the date of the wedding monogrammed onto each robe, every bridesmaid is sure to cherish the memory of a perfect day. Orders can be shipped anywhere in the United States for free on orders of at least $75. Our womens silk robes feature customized options including embroidery thread colors. Brides appreciate the affordable prices and the chance to share special moments with their friends. Don’t settle for unwashable silk robes when our durable silky charmeuse satin robes will transform an ordinary wedding day into sensational event. And our robes help these happy memories live on long after your wedding day for all of the bridesmaids!