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Wedding Venue 101

Sarah Keeth

Posted on August 13 2018

Wedding, but where? The do’s and dont’s of venue pick outs,
for your perfect aesthetically pleasing day!
 Picking a venue is one of the very first steps when it comes to planning your wedding. Often people already have their dream spot in mind! Whether it’s the general.. by the ocean, on a lake, or a more personal setting. What people don’t always take into consideration is the surroundings that could affect your day! For example...

 Indoor or outdoor! If you’re having your wedding filmed/photographed keep in mind beach or ocean settings outdoor might be windy! If you want that and don’t care, more power to you! It's still a beautiful setting don’t forget extra bobby pins in the hair ladies! Another big thing I feel people don’t think about or possibly miss when planning is where they’re getting ready! Usually, that's filmed as well and if ifs a random room it might not look as pretty! Don’t forget to check out the spaces the venue has to get ready! Whether it's an industrial vibe or a soft beach, feel there's plenty of options! Rooms with lots of windows and light or mirrors are always beautiful! Lighting is a big essential part of the entire wedding!

We know this can be a lot to think about. But don't stress! No matter where you choose to have your special day, we'll have the perfect customized robe to match every aesthetic.

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