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Weddding Without White?

Sarah Keeth

Posted on September 19 2018

A wedding without white?

That just doesn't sound right!

After all the song goes..."Here comes the bride... all dressed in white.."

But let's get one thing clear, we're in the 21st century. Socially it seems to be acceptable to do whatever these days. More importantly, this is your day! Maybe white isn't your color? Perhaps you hate the tradition? Maybe this isn't your first wedding, and you'll do anything to prevent a repeat of the last one! Honestly, you don't need an actual reason or answer, just do your thing and embrace your moment. This wouldn't be a Wedding Prep Girls blog post without some examples! See down below for the link to our Pinterest board with some awesome anti-white bridal dresses! And if you're looking for beautiful bridesmaid dresses we've got a great place for you as well, see the second link below.



Don't forget that our color selection of custom bridal robes is the largest around! So no matter what color you choose to go with, we're ready to match and prep you!

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