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Sarah Keeth

Posted on November 17 2018

Happy Holidays! From October to February, the holiday seasons are in full swing! These months are ALSO the prime time for all of our FALL & WINTER wedding babes!

SO you may be stuck in a toss-up. Do you want to share the best day of your life with a yearly holiday?


1. For starters, it seems like everyone is happier during this time of year. Half the people are shocked that it's already that time of year. And the other half are just waiting for their vacations.

2. Speaking of vacations, you're wedding can be the perfect getaway for your guest!

3. Family's and Friends already plan on being around and taking extra time for their loved ones during this season. Schools and jobs typically have holidays off which can come in handy when guest are trying to schedule your event at the top of their calendar!

4. Fall and winter weddings mean not having to worry about sweating on your wedding day! (personally, this is at the top of my wedding must-have list.)

5. This is not the "typical" wedding season. This means you might be able to get some great discounts on venues and other "traditional" wedding pieces/aspects.

6. Our robe color pallet is ready to take on any time of year. But if you prefer darker/deeper colors, they're in style! Did I mention that our holiday sales are EPIC!?

7. Our robes are the perfect holiday gift for your bridesmaids and family members! How cute is a customized robe with MOM or Grandma on the back! For the guys reading this, you can thank us later! The women in your life will be loving the quality and customization of our robes!


1. The holidays are expensive! The gift department might take a hit if that's a priority to you! Not to mention the price of air fair spikes massively around the holidays!

2. You will need to plan your wedding a little extra in advance to avoid clashing with other friends and families holiday parties and to optimize the amount of guest who will be able to take off work! This can also help guest avoid high holiday airfare costs.

3. Your wedding may not be the talk of the season. Right after your wedding ends people will be talking/preparing for the holiday and all the other things associated with it. Just don't forget that these memories are what last a lifetime and hopefully you have pictures to always reminisce on!

4. Videos and Pictures might take longer to get back because photographers and videographers are very busy during this season!

We hope you enjoyed reading about the pros and cons associated with getting married during the holiday season! Ultimately we are here to support you no matter what time of year you get married!

xoxo Wedding Prep Gals

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