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Picking the Perfect Robe Based on Personality Part 1

Sarah Keeth

Posted on June 29 2018

Picking your bridesmaid robes can be stressful... but it doesn't have to be!

You may want to get the color that represents the color pallet for your wedding! If you decide to go this route, then you're narrowing your options down to three main categories: Ruffles, Satin, or Floral.

Ruffles are a great way to add a pinch of your style. Ruffles can represent traits such as feminism, cute, classy, and being well-put together.

Satin keeps your robe style simple, but added customization can bring the pop of style you may want! Silk simple robes are guaranteed to look great on everyone! Our robes are designed to be the perfect length and fit so comfort will never be a question and being fashionable is not compromised.

Floral robes are the perfect way to add your feminine touch! They pop perfectly in pictures and brighten up the look! This is perfect for all flower lovers or tropical destination weddings.

Star by picking out which foundation you want to go with and tune in next week to narrow down colors!

xoxo- Wedding Prep Gals

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