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Natural/ Outdoor Wedding Tips

Sarah Keeth

Posted on September 06 2018

Is it just us or does it seem like every season is wedding season? There are many pros and cons to this, but one main thing to keep in mind is that each season has highlights and things to take into consideration. Today we took a pole on Instagram to see if you guys preferred Natural/Outdoor weddings or Indoor/Glam weddings. Sixty-three percent of you voted for Natural/ Outdoor weddings!

Let's dive right into the tips!

1. Most of us dream up our wedding dresses before planning the actual wedding or any of the details. When you have an outdoor wedding what season it is and how the weather will affect your choice is critical. Personally, my arms are my biggest insecurity so having a long sleeve wedding dress is a no-brainer to me! This obliviously rules out having a summer wedding! Did I mention I also hate sweating with a full face of makeup on? It's looking like a fall or winter wedding is now in my future.

2. When you're opting for an outdoor natural wedding, you have to remember there are only so many things you can control. Bees, Tics, Birds, Deer, Bugs, Goat-heads, uneven ground, and wind all need to be taken into consideration. Those are just the beginning! I was recently at a wedding on the top of a ski resort in Boise, Idaho. The wedding was beyond beautiful, and the bees thought so too! They were swarming all around to the point where some people had to get up and walk away! Summer weddings also mean floral dress designs, which I happened to be wearing and the bees happened to be loving! We recommend scouting the area a few days before the event, so you know exactly what's in store for your outdoor venue!

3. A lot of us love places that we can't necessarily rent out! If this is the case and you're worried about wedding crashes make sure you have appropriate signs to show that this area is being used for your special event! Even though this is such a small detail, it can make a big difference!

4. If you're going for an outdoor wedding choose a color pallet that matches the aesthetic! There are so many distinct colors to your favorite locations, and you don't want them to clash and ruin the look of your pictures! We recommend one bolder color and two neutrals or all neutrals.

5. Have a backup plan if the weather takes a wild turn! This may be the worse scenario, but it might provide a significant piece of mind when you're watching the weather forecast obsessively the week before.

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