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Music Part 1

Sarah Keeth

Posted on June 14 2018

I'll admit it... I underestimated the importance of music for my big day!

That is why we are taking two weeks & two separate posts to break down how to get the perfect jams and set the right mood for your wedding!        

The first tip - make sure you and your fiance are on the same page when it comes to important moment songs! Start thinking about songs that "sum up" your relationship or songs that have a special meaning behind them! When you think of them...WRITE them down in your notes! You'll thank yourself later!

The second tip - have your maid of honor in on the action, she is there to help you feel organized and have fewer things to stress about. Assign roles-Maybe your maid of honor is in charge of the "getting ready" songs, your fiance is in charge of the "down the aisle" songs, and you're in charge of the "special dance" songs. Don't put all the stress on yourself!

The third tip- Bring a speaker for photos! Sometimes taking pictures is uncomfortable and nerve-wracking! We made a blog post a few weeks back to help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. It's called photos or it didn't happen. Have a special playlist to help you get pumped up for pictures so not only will you look like you're having fun, you'll feel like it too!

The fourth tip- if you're already getting stressed out about remembering what songs to play and when to play them, Spotify is your new best friend! Make a playlist and have your bridal party follow your account so they can access your music too! No technology excuses today!

The fifth tip- Decide early on if you're having a DJ or Live band for the reception! There are pros and cons to both! For example, a live band makes for more of an intimate feel while a DJ can play your favorite tunes by your favorite artist!  This step is one you don't want to procrastinate!

 The sixth tip- The ceremony is all about you and your love. Don't let the music take away from your moment to shine! Listen to all the songs you're going to play and pretend like it's a dress rehearsal. This way you won't be surprised if a song doesn't end up fitting in with the moment. To feel even more comfortable, practice walking to the song you'll be walking down the aisle to. Another thing you'll thank yourself later for!

The seventh tip- If you have a cocktail hour, pick songs that won't interrupt conversation or speeches. Music during this time can help your speakers feel less stressed before there big speech!

The eighth tip- It's time for the reception, be careful about mixing moods! As we said before music sets the mood! Half of your family could be country lovers, while the other half loves rock & roll! If you're worried about making certain individuals happy, ask your friends and family ahead of time if they have any song request (not the day of.) Then plan out your playlist in sections! Maybe top 40 first, Rock & Roll second, and country last! Play a few songs in each section, so your playlist doesn't seem unorganized or too random! One of the benefits of having a band is you don't have to stress about playing the perfect songs, that's on the band!

The ninth tip- The exit is like the fireworks of the wedding! Be sent off to something that sums up the day in a song!

Be sure to join us again next week for the second part of this post! The second part will include different song ideas and how many songs to choose!


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