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Bride On a Budget

Sarah Keeth

Posted on October 06 2018

You don't have to tell us twice, weddings are expensive! So here are five things to help all of our brides on a budget!

1. Ask For Help! This doesn't necessarily mean asking for help financially!  Maybe your aunt is an amazing bake and wants to tackle your wedding cake or cupcakes? Maybe your dad makes your favorite meal and wouldn't mind spending the day in the kitchen to help cater your event? Food can be a costly wedding expense, find a way to minimize it when you contact your connections.

2. DIY QUEEN. Some of us love tackling crafty projects, while others might know people who love tackling them! Either way, most decorations can be duplicated! Take a look on Pinterest and Youtube, maybe grab some spray paint, yarn, and ribbon and makes some magic happen! Snap some photos of your venue or vision and cultivate your DIY plan!

3. Connections are key. Do you know any DJ's or bands? Look through your connections first! Or maybe you can work on exchanging services or connections. Perhaps one of your friends is getting married, and if you both go with the same DJ you can receive a discount! Don't be afraid to ask!

4. Look for the Sale! For example, we have a massive 50 % sale going on right now which makes it the perfect time to buy our robes! Deals on gowns, venues, DJ's and catering are also worth the hunt!

5. Find a 1 for 2!  Our robes are a great example of this! You can use them as the perfect bridesmaid present, use them as the perfect prop for your photos, and use them as a safety net( no makeup, tan, rips, or hair spills/ accidents) for your beautiful gowns!

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